Welcome to view the work of director Magnus Rösman

This is a selection of commercials, clips from shorts and television series and a retrospective gallery with some of his music videos.

Watch the Music videos

Din tid kommer – Håkan Hellström, 2016

Touch me-Weeping Willows, 2003

Nu kan du få mig så lätt–Håkan Hellström, 2001

Fuck the world–Turbonegro, 2003

Ramlar–Håkan Hellström, 2000

It takes a fool to remain sane – The Ark, 2000

Have you been around – Hardcore Superstar, 2001

One of us is ganna die young–The Ark, 2006

The worrying kind–The Ark, 2007

Fulaste flickan i världen–Håkan Hellström, 2003

Liberation–Hardcore Superstar, 2000

On the radio–Jay Jay, 2002

Driving one of your cars –Lisa Miskovsky, 2001

Andreas Johnson – Shine, 2002

or some Commercials

Net On Net ”Så mycket bättre” – Garbergs

AMF pension ”3 am eternal” – Forsman & Bodenfors

ICA – Vikarierna

ICA – Rosa bandet

ICA – Trucken

DHL – Meeting

ICA – Barbeque man

Mercedes – Contrasts

ICA Pasquale

DHL – Watercooler


Woodfocus – Fetish

ICA – Jamie Oliver

Honda – The convoy

Spies – Pool

Bon Aqua

ICA Godfather

Synsam – Komplex


DnB – First kiss

McDonalds – Big Tasty

Spies – Priest

ICA – Telia Pappan

ICA – 300:e filmen

Meny – Sött & Surt

Meny – Sunt & Gott

Edeka – Waage

Edeka – Kaesekenner

Spies – Beach

and some TV / films

Häxdansen/Dance of the witches – TV-series

Häxdansen/Dance of the witches – TV-series

Häxdansen/Dance of the witches – TV-series

Headhunter trailer

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